Rainfall data for Scotland

Station Name 36 hr Total (mm) TimeStamp

Select a map point or search for a particular rainfall station to view rainfall data by hour, day or month.

Data shown is real time rainfall data from SEPA’s automated rain gauges.

Map search

Each dot on the map represents a rain gauge. Moving the cursor over a dot will reveal the gauge name and the amount of recorded rainfall. The colour of the dot indicates the amount of rainfall recorded in the 36 hours before the time indicated in the pop-up information. Clicking on a dot reveals hourly, daily and monthly data of recently recorded rainfall totals, along with the running annual total at that gauge.

Station search

Enter the station/rain gauge name into the search box. Data about the amount of rainfall recorded during the 36 hours before 9am each day, along with recently recorded hourly and daily rainfall totals and a running annual total, will be displayed.

Please note that timestamps of rainfall are to GMT and daily totals represent the 24 hour period from 9am each day.

Further information about the data is available under the Rainfall information tab

36 hour rainfall totals at SEPA gauges