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F0189700Finfish - Reduced biomass 14/11/2018
F0189706Proposed UK space launch site 14/11/2018
F0189722Salmon Farming Industry - Correspondence 14/11/2018
F0189705Fly tipping Dingwall 13/11/2018
F0189593 Scrap Merchants, Caithness 12/11/2018
F0189684Finfish - biomass, chemical use and mortalities 09/11/2018
F0189664Licences, abstractions, discharges and incidents for site in Edinburgh 08/11/2018
F0189721Water Quality- Clyde Estuary 08/11/2018
F0189683Results of the the GlenKeith distillery sludge 07/11/2018
F0189617Contaminated Land and Pollution Incidents - Site in Stirling 07/11/2018
F0189675SEPA - Assaults on Employees 07/11/2018
F0189678SEPA - Firewall Protection 06/11/2018
F0189663Site Inspections - Yester Dairy and Long Yester Quarry farm 05/11/2018
F0189661Finfish - Aquaculture regulation 05/11/2018
F0189672Enforcement Action - Muir O Lea Farm Perthshire 02/11/2018
F0189394Glen Taggart Restoration 02/11/2018
F0189714Planning application - Binn Farm 18/00689/FLL 02/11/2018
F0189734Townswater Reservoir and Clear Water Reservoir - Biglees, North Ayrshire 02/11/2018
F0189741Finfish - Chemical use (Hydrogen Peroxide) 02/11/2018
F0189690Number of Permits for Recycling Facilities 31/10/2018