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F0190431A96 dual carriageway, Kintore 23/05/2019
F0190433Hazardous Waste 23/05/2019
F0190436Emissions from the Mossmorran Complex 23/05/2019
F0190449 Flood risk – site in Dunfermline 23/05/2019
F0190425Finfish Biomass, chemical Use and Mortalities 22/05/2019
F0190438Emissions from the Mossmorran Complex 22/05/2019
F0190422Waste Exemption: WML/XS/1126809 (site in Fort William) 22/05/2019
F0190514Environmental Data Birdston Coup 21/05/2019
F0190304Sources of waste returns materials (Aberdeen Royal Infirmary - Transfer Station, Foresterhill) 17/05/2019
F0190406River of Fail Burn (Tarbolton) – Water sampling (November 2017 – April 2019) 17/05/2019
F0190426Groundwater and Surface Water Monitoring Data for Pesticides (2008 – April 2019) 16/05/2019
F0190379Finfish – Surveys at Isle of Ewe Fish Farm 14/05/2019
F0190370Finfish - Fishfarms 07/05/2019
F0190366Water Levels - Reswallie 07/05/2019
F0190364SEPA – Local Area Network LAN Contract 07/05/2019
F0190368Project ER26 07/05/2019
F0190337Abstractions for treatment of farmed fish by Marine Harvest (Scotland) Ltd and Mowi Scotland Ltd 07/05/2019
F0190297Odour at Site - West Lothian 07/05/2019
F0190354Licensed Water Abstractions - Proposed Windfarm (Cloiche) 07/05/2019
F0190367Millerhill Recycling and Energy Recovery Centre (PPC/A/1136072) 07/05/2019