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F0189922Pollution incidents - Tilhill Forestry 15/01/2019
F0189898Pollution Incident - River Almond 15/01/2019
F0189924Healthcare Waste 15/01/2019
F0189911Aucheninnes Landfill, Dalbeattie 14/01/2019
F0189910SEPA OFF-payroll Working rules (IR35) 09/01/2019
F0189894Coul Links 09/01/2019
F0189882Waste Non- Compliance 08/01/2019
F0189888River Flow Data 08/01/2019
F0189868Enforcement Action - Advance Construction Scotland Ltd 08/01/2019
F0189582EU Exit 04/01/2019
F0189872Finfish - Fish farms- Salmon Mortalities 04/01/2019
F0189877Correspondence with Avant Homes 04/01/2019
F0189895Development of a nitrophobe/nitrophile classification for sand dunes Report 04/01/2019
F0189900Culverts - East Dunbartonshire 04/01/2019
F0189878Correspondence relating to West Loch Awe Timber Haul Route (WLATHR) 03/01/2019
F0189904Radioactive Substances Directives 03/01/2019
F0189871Importation of Waste Oils 27/12/2018
F0189885Correspondence re Buchanan High School/St Ambrose High School 27/12/2018
F0189851Discharges and Water Quality- Cauldstream Burn 24/12/2018
F0189835Trans-frontier notifications 20/12/2018