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F0190697Reservoir Licence - Loch Gearach 22/07/2019
F0190717Environmental Data – site in Edinburgh 19/07/2019
F0190713Finfish-Chemical use (Formalin) 19/07/2019
F0190681Discharge Licence Edinburgh 19/07/2019
F0190756Dissolved Organic Carbon Concentrations for Scottish Lochs 19/07/2019
F0190688Buchanan High School/St Ambrose High School 18/07/2019
F0190693Water Quality - River Don 18/07/2019
F0190704Incident at European Metal Recycling Limited, Glasgow 18/07/2019
F0190689Assaults at work April 2018 to May 2019 18/07/2019
F0190699Flow data – Rotten Calder 18/07/2019
F0190731CCTV Equipment 18/07/2019
F0190584Structure and Future plans for IT Department 2019 17/07/2019
F0190683Marine Litter 17/07/2019
F0190686Alkalinity in Scottish Rivers and Lochs 16/07/2019
F0190690Water Samples Polmadie Burn 16/07/2019
F0190703Pollution Incidents for CSOs in the Kilmacolm area. 16/07/2019
F0190681Discharge Licence Edinburgh 16/07/2019
F0190359Environmental Information regarding the former Vesuvius Works, Newmils, 94 Brown Street, KA16 9BP 15/07/2019
F0190608Upland River Temperatures 15/07/2019
F0190554Import wood imports 15/07/2019