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F0187383Argent Energy Authorisations 17/03/2017
F0187391Incinerators and Biomass Facilities 14/03/2017
F0187303St Molios (Lamlash) Fish Farm CAR/L/1015850 24/02/2017
F0187107CAR/L/1000800 - Poll Na Gille 16/02/2017
F0187139Fish Farms - Engagement 10/02/2017
F0187239Fish Farms - CAS Failing Sites 03/02/2017
F0187087Industrial Emissions Directive Information 05/01/2017
F0187112CAR/L/1000800 - Poll na Gille Variation Application 14/12/2016
F0187076Allan Water GIS Data 14/12/2016
F0187063Ness Tip Landfill - Nigg Bay 13/12/2016
F0187028Compliance Assessments - Loch Awe and Etive 09/12/2016
F0187019Dalreoch Quarry - WML/W/0000015 30/11/2016
F0186705Bogton, South Hill of Dripps and Lampit Farm Exemption 09/11/2016
F0186786Lampits Farm Correspondence 03/11/2016
F0186742Linlithgow Loch - Blue Glgae 26/10/2016
F0186713RSA Authorisations 26/10/2016
F0186680Distilleries Emissions and Energy Data 25/10/2016
F0186731NORM Disposal Facilities 25/10/2016
F0186710Pollution Complaints - Viridor Recycling Facility 21/10/2016
F0186701Water Quality - Kelso, Dosmucheran, Glenmeanie, Killilan 20/10/2016