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F0189423Waste Transfer -EWC- Wm Munros WML/N/0220249 (Q2 2012 to Q4 2016 ) 17/08/2018
F0189114Fin fish- Fish farms - Pre applicaton discussions Bagh Dail Nan Ceann and Pol na Gille 17/08/2018
F0189415Copy of WML application 17/08/2018
F0189129Waste Returns - Viridor Enviroscot Limited (Perth) 17/08/2018
F0189145McCaig Farms - Para 8 exemptions; information relating to specific indicent & sludge registers 17/08/2018
F0188925 and Formal Review F0189293Salmon Farming Waste Transfer Notes 16/08/2018
F0189401Pollution Incident - Macdonald Forest Hills 16/08/2018
F0189351Waste - McQuillan Surfacing 15/08/2018
F0189297Flood Risk and Flood Protection Schemes 14/08/2018
F0189291License and site visits to Carron Works, Falkirk 14/08/2018
F0189298License Conditions for Carron Works, Falkirk 14/08/2018
F0189300License Conditions for Carron Works, Falkirk 14/08/2018
F0189304Carron Works -contaminated soil 14/08/2018
F0189305SEPA - Assaults on Employees 14/08/2018
F0189296Fin fish - Fish farms - Salmon Farms Stock Plans 14/08/2018
F0189409Site in Stirling 14/08/2018
F0189403Private drinking water abstractions - 10km of DG11 2SD 14/08/2018
F0189302Licensed Abstractions and Discharges in North Lanarkshire 10/08/2018
F0189254River Flow Data 09/08/2018
F0189272SEPA's Telephone (LAN) Contract 09/08/2018