Bathing Water Data : 2017


Number of samples taken : 4
Date Escherichia coli
Intestinal enterococci
17 May 2017 <10 <10
12 Jun 2017 40 230
10 Jul 2017 30 10
09 Aug 2017 300 80

Historical record


Results explained

The annual bathing water classification is determined using statistics calculated from results taken over the previous four years. The water quality indicators we test for are the bacteria E Coli (EC) and intestinal enterococci (IE). The statistics take account of both the average value and the range of values in the four year dataset.

Single sample results above 500 EC and 200 IE are indicative that water was of low quality when the sample was taken. For inland waters the low quality boundaries are higher at 1000 EC and 400 IE.