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Date Last Submitted: 18/04/2018

Section A - Address Details
Site Details
Site Name Sgeirean Glasa MCFF (Site 12), Badcall Bay  
Address Badcall Bay, Eddrichillis Bay  
Sgeirean Glasa, Geisgeil  
Upper Badcall, Scourie  
Post Code IV27 4TH  
Authorisation, Licence(s) or Permit Number(s) CAR/L/1001855
Company Details
Registered Company Name Loch Duart Ltd  
Companies House Number 195923  
Address 15 Atholl Crescent  
Post Code IV27 4TH  

Section B - Economic and Process Activities
UKSIC Code 03.21
UKSIC Description Marine aquaculture
PRTR Code For Main Activity 7(b).i
PRTR Description For Main Activity Intensive aquaculture with a production capacity not exceeding 1,000 tonnes of fish per year
Sub Activity

Section C - Pollutant Releases
No releases reported

Air - Radioactive
No releases reported

No releases reported

Land - Radioactive
No releases reported

No releases reported

Water - Radioactive
No releases reported

Waste Water
No releases reported

Waste Water - Radioactive
No releases reported

Section D - Waste Transfer Details
Offsite Waste Transfers
No transfers reported

Transboundary Waste Transfers
No transfers reported

Section G - Voluntary Information
No voluntary information supplied