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Date Last Submitted: 03/06/2015

Section A - Address Details
Site Details
Site Name Torr Mor, Scourie  
Address Torr Mor Marine Cage Fish Farm  
Post Code IV27 4TH  
Authorisation, Licence(s) or Permit Number(s) CAR/L/1090313
Company Details
Registered Company Name Loch Duart Ltd  
Companies House Number 195923  
Address 15 Atholl Crescent  
Post Code IV27 4TH  

Section B - Economic and Process Activities
UKSIC Code 03.21
UKSIC Description Marine aquaculture
PRTR Code For Main Activity 7(b).i
PRTR Description For Main Activity Intensive aquaculture with a production capacity not exceeding 1,000 tonnes of fish per year
Sub Activity

Section C - Pollutant Releases
No releases reported

Air - Radioactive
No releases reported

No releases reported

Land - Radioactive
No releases reported

No releases reported

Water - Radioactive
No releases reported

Waste Water
No releases reported

Waste Water - Radioactive
No releases reported

Section D - Waste Transfer Details
Offsite Waste Transfers
No transfers reported

Transboundary Waste Transfers
No transfers reported

Section G - Voluntary Information
Web Address
Number Of Employees 0
Annual Operating Days 0
Production Volume
Total Carbon Footprint 0
Oil Consumption 0
Coal Consumption 0
Water Consumption 0
Electricity Consumption 0
Electricity Generation 0
Gas Consumption 0
Gas Generation 0
Activities Fish Farm site “Fallow” (that is not stocked with fish) in data reporting year 2014, hence no pollutants released in 2014 to the environment.